Rucsac Markhor Kudu Camo Desolve Veil

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Noul rucsac KUDU este foarte usor si comod de purtat, de asemenea nu ocupa mult loc. Culoare Desolve Veil

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The new KUDU backpack is very light and takes up little space.
This bag is particularly suitable for hunting in hot weather thanks to its honeycomb foam back and neon orange ventilated mesh straps .
Ideal for hunts in hot countries (safaris), summer shooting of brocade, day, beaten, small game, etc …
In addition, this backpack is elegant and harmonious with its Green color, its buckles and beige straps and its back in charcoal gray honeycomb mesh.

– Main material: Waterproof, resistant and silent fabric.
– Back:New High density 3D foam back wrapped in charcoal gray „honeycomb” honeycomb mesh to wick perspiration and conform to the shape of the back.
– Straps: neon orange ventilated mesh, chest strap, clips for the weapon strap. Clips for the water bag tube (right or left).
– Belt: adjustable with loops.
– Hydration pocket: Pre-equipped to receive a water pocket.
– Compartments: 1 main compartment.
– Pockets: 1 pocket on the front of the bag.
– zips: New YKK reversed zips (the world reference for zips).
– Access: to the main compartment through 1 opening on the top of the bag.
– Accessories holder:1 outer loop for attaching a bird holder strap, carrying handle.

– Greutate: 0.485 kg
– Dimensiuni: 44 x 28 x 11 cm
– Volum: 10L

Adjustment: To adjust the bag to its size it is important to adjust the bag carefully, to make minor adjustments and to ensure that the bag is the right size. Make sure that the sling passes over the shoulder from the back panel without leaving the shoulder at any point. The belt should be snug and placed over the iliac crest (weight is on the waist), depending on the adjustment there should be enough room to remove or add layers of clothing.
Compress contents securely using external compression straps. The goal is to give the bag an elongated and slim profile. It is especially important to maintain lateral balance: a bag that tilts to one side puts excessive pressure on the spine and irritates the shoulders. Also, be sure to put as much material as possible inside the bag. Indeed, the presence of various pieces of equipment attached all over the outside of the bag can seriously disturb the balance, especially when they can swing in all directions. Finally, keep in mind that the top pocket tends to be used as a depository for many, many small items which ultimately add a lot of weight and make the top bag particularly heavy.

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